Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment in Jaipur


What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

OCD disease is a combination of unreasonable thoughts and fears that leads a person to do repetitive behaviors. Such obsessions and compulsions affect your daily life and cause distress.
More the person tries to stop or ignore his obsessions, more it increases its anxiety and distress. In the end, the person needs to perform the compulsive actions to get easiness for his stress. The urges and bothering thoughts keep coming back and this turns into a vicious cycle of OCD.
A simple example of OCD is like a fear of contamination of germs in which a person continuously washes his hands or uses a sanitizer. A person feels ashamed and embarrassed in such situations, however, OCD treatment can solve this problem.

OCD Symptoms:

The OCD symptoms include both compulsions and obsessions. But a single symptom is also possible. It is not necessary that the person will realize that his obsessions or compulsions are very excessive and unreasonable. However, after a period of time, they start affecting your daily life and activities.

Obsession Symptoms:


A person suffering from OCD obsessions experiences repeating, unwanted thoughts, images and urges that can cause anxiety and distress. The person may try to get rid of them by doing or thinking something different. The obsessions are:

  • Fear of germs or dirt: In this, the person gets fearful of touching those objects which other people have touched.

  • Needing perfect or symmetrical things: In this, a person likes to keep things at the place and symmetrical order and can’t accept any un-orderly fashion.

  • Horrifying thoughts of harming yourself or others: You may experience images revolving in your mind of hurting yourself or other people who you don’t want and make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Unwanted thoughts of sex, religious objects, etc.: Feeling distressed about unpleasant sexual images coming in your mind.

Compulsion Symptoms:


The compulsions are repetitive behaviors that a person want to perform and can’t stop the urge without doing them. These repetitive acts give you relief from the anxiety of urges like something bad will happen. Generally, common examples are:

  • Cleaning and washing: Washing your hands until the skin become raw

  • Counting: Counting some unusual patterns.

  • Checking: Checking the doors whether they are locked or not multiple times, or checking the stove whether it is turned off or not.

  • Symmetries and perfect orders: Placing things in a perfect manner.

  • Strict routine following: Adopting a hard-core unnecessary discipline.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then don’t delay the treatment, as the symptoms can get even worse. If you are looking for the Obsessive Compulsive disorder treatment in Jaipur, then Manomaya is amongst the best option where you can get treatment by the certified and experienced counselors.

Effects of OCD Habits or Compulsions:

The person suffering from OCD can’t get over the fears and obsessions associated with the compulsions. Let’s discuss the habits and their effects one by one:

  1. Habit: If the person is having fear of getting contaminated by germs, he will wash the hands until the skin becomes raw and will avoid the situation of shaking hands.

    Effect: This will affect the social relationships plus the person will spend his maximum time in the bathroom.

  2. Habit: Checking the doors to make sure they are locked

    Effect: The person will continue to check the doors therefore, would not able to sleep peacefully in the night

  3. Habit: Thought of hurting someone in a traffic incident

    Effect: Even you don’t want to hurt someone, you will accidentally do it, and it will also degrade your reflex actions.

  4. Habit: Can’t tolerate if your objects are not at proper place or in a uniform manner

    Effect: This can affect your social relationships with other people, who are not perfect.

  5. Habit: Constantly cleaning the floor or using sanitizer after every physical contact.

    Effect: This can affect your health and social relationships.

Causes of OCD:


There is no such sure OCD cause. Some of the reasons could be:

  1. Biological Factors: Your body’s chemistry and changes in brain functions.

  2. Genetic Factors: It is not confirmed, but OCD could be due to genetic factors too.

  3. Environmental Factors: Infections due to environmental factors can be among the reasons.

Are you looking for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment in Jaipur?

The OCD treatments can greatly reduce the symptoms. Counseling and medicines are both required in treatment. However, doctors always recommend minimizing the use of medicines in the treatment. Therefore, they prefer counseling sessions more in the treatment. The counselors are experts in such problems and always provide the solutions. They may even perform certain therapies during the treatment such as:

Psychological Counseling: Psychological counseling is an effective way of treating OCD patient. In this counseling, the counselor performs some therapies during his sessions such as:

  1. Cognitive Behavioral therapy:

    This therapy is based on the fact that disruptive thoughts and cognitions maintain harmful obsessions. In cognitive therapy, the therapist examines the thinking patterns of the patient and the therapist then comes to the solutions for these thinking patterns.

  2. Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy:

    In ERP therapy, the patients are given exposure to those conditions to which they are obsessed and asked not to perform the compulsions. It appears weird but this therapy but direct exposure to your fears leads for a fewer and less obsession.

At Manomaya, you can get the best obsessive compulsive disorder treatment in Jaipur. There is a certified team of counselors who are very experienced in providing such counseling sessions and therapies. They believe in minimizing the use of medicine during the treatment and involves counseling sessions for effective treatment.
If you are looking for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatment in Jaipur, make sure to consider Manomaya on your list.

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