Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Jaipur


Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Jaipur

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression. It is a mental condition in which a person suffers extreme mood swings and emotional highs and lows. The emotional highs include mania or hypomania and lows include depression.

While in depression, a person feels sad and will start losing hope and interest from everything. During mania or hypomania, a person gets euphoric, highly energetic and irritable. Such mood swings affect a person’s sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior. Let’s discuss mania and depression in detail:


In the mania phase of bipolar disorder, it involves unnecessary high energy and activity. The people suffering from mania experiences daydreaming or racing thoughts, the very low need for sleep, difficulty in concentration, and many more. Let’s discuss in detail…


1. Highly energetic

In the mania phase, a person experiences a very high level of energy. For e.g. a person will start doing multiple activities one by one and will not finish them.

2. Feeling of over exhilaration

Feeling of extremely joyful, and exhilaration is one of the most common symptoms of mania.

3. Inflating self-esteem

An inflated self-esteem is not just feeling over-confident but it is more than that. In fact,it involves a very high level of self-importance or unusual feeling of superiority. At an extreme, a person feels that he is having supernatural powers and can do impossible things.

4. Daydreaming or racing thoughts

Daydreaming or racing thoughts are the first symptoms in the mania phase. It includes constantly changing thoughts and ideas.

5. Difficulties in sleeping

In the mania phase, the person finds troubles in sleeping. In fact, a person suffering from mania can awake constantly 24 hours or just sleep for 3 hours.



In mania, the person feels extremely joyful, while in depression the symptoms are just the opposite. Thus, if you are constantly feeling sad or miserable for more than 2 weeks, then these are the signs of depression. The common symptoms of depression include:

  • Not going anywhere outdoor.

  • Unable to focus or concentrate.

  • Keeping yourself isolated.

  • Can’t learn things at school or work.

  • Not able to enjoy the usual things.

  • Constant feeling of disappointment, sadness, guilt, and unhappiness.

  • Physical symptoms such as tiredness, sleeping problems, sick, gaining weight, are also common.

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However, if not treated properly the bipolar disorder can be a lifelong problem. The treatment of bipolar disorder includes counseling and medications. However, as per the doctors counseling is much better in comparison to the medicine treatment.

Bipolar disorder symptoms:

There are many related bipolar disorders symptoms, such as hypomania and depression. The random changes in mood and behavior of a person can really cause problems in life.

Generally, hypomania is linked to the Bipolar II disorder, it is just like mania but less severe than it. People just feel changes in their mood but it doesn’t affect daily life in school, office and social relationships.

The women, however, experience different symptoms than men, they face:

  • A mild level of mania.

  • More depression than mania.

  • Diseases like thyroid, migraines, obesity, and anxiety disorders.

Types of Bipolar Disorder:

There are 3 types of bipolar disorder:

  • Bipolar I

  • Bipolar II

  • Cyclothymia

Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Bipolar I

In this disorder, the person experiences at least one manic episode. It affects equally both men and women. The person may experience hypomania or other depressive instance after manic.

2. Bipolar II

In the bipolar II disorder, an individual may experience a depressive mode which can last for at least 2 weeks. The hypomanic occurrence lasts for nearly 4 days. It is more common in women in comparison to men.

3. Cyclothymia

In Cyclothymia, you may experience hypomania and depression. Generally, in comparison to bipolar I and bipolar II, the symptoms are short and less severe in cyclothymia. The occurrences happen nearly in a month or two.

Bipolar disorder causes:


The bipolar disorder causes have not yet clearly identified by the doctors. Some of the possible bipolar disorder causes are:

1. Genetic Factors

If your parents or siblings are suffering from bipolar disorder, then you are more likely to be affected by it. However, this case is not 100% true.

2. Biological Factors

If there is any abnormality in the structure of the brain, then it can directly impact this disease.

3. Environmental Factors

The outside environmental factors could be amongst big reasons for bipolar disorder. These could be:

  • Extreme level of stress

  • Past trauma experiences

  • Physical sickness

Bipolar disorder tests:

There are many bipolar disorder tests which are involved in its diagnosis. These are:

  • Physical Tests: The doctor firstly will perform a physical test, he may also order urine or blood tests, to determine if there any other cause of the symptoms.

  • Mental health examination: Thereafter, you may be ordered for consulting the psychologist or psychiatrist. These are experts in diagnosing and treating conditions like bipolar disorders.

  • Keeping Mood Journal: If the examined symptoms result in bipolar disorder, then the doctor will ask you to keep a journal of your mood changes. It can also include your sleeping and eating patterns.

Bipolar disorder treatment:

Bipolar disorder treatments include medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes. However, medicine is not an effective mode of treatment. A patient should always be given a minimum medical treatment and maximum counseling or therapy treatment.

Counseling Treatment:

Counseling treatment involves sessions by certified & experienced counselors who perform certain therapies during the treatment. There are two main types of therapies that a counselor performs:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is a type of talking therapy. Your therapist will talk to you for managing the mood disorders, and he will understand your thinking patterns. Generally, the main focus of this therapy is to change the thinking pattern and is very effective for bipolar disorder disease. In a good treatment, the patient learned from the therapies how to get aware of the triggers and then how to manage them effectively.

2. Family-focused Therapy

This counseling helps you and your closed ones to understand the bipolar disorder, and how to manage it. In fact, the family members learn the warning signs of the mania or depressive episode. It helps the patient to better cope up with their family.

3. Interpersonal and social Therapy

This therapy will help you to regulate your daily habits such as eating, sleeping, exercising, this can manage your disorder. In this therapy, the patient learns skills to protect himself against future episodes. The patient also learns what triggers and worsen their episodes.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Jaipur:

If you are looking for the bipolar disorder treatment in Jaipur, then firstly consult the Manomaya mental health care clinic. All the above-mentioned therapies can be provided by only experienced licensed therapists. At Manomaya, there is a team of such therapists, who are having proven experience of treating such illness. If you are looking for bipolar disorder treatment in Jaipur, always note Manomaya on the top of your list.

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