ADHD treatment in Jaipur


ADHD treatment in Jaipur

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental disease in which a person experiences abnormal level impulsive and hyperactive behaviors. The person suffering from ADHD finds trouble in focusing on a single task or constantly sitting for a long period of time.
People of every age group can suffer from ADHD.

ADHD Symptoms:


There are several behavioral abnormalities which are associated with the ADHD, however, the common ones are:

  • Not able to focus or concentrate on tasks

  • Forgetfulness of completing the tasks

  • Able to distract easily

  • Not able to constantly sitting

  • Habit of interrupting people while they are talking

ADHD Types:


There are 3 main types of ADHD. These are predominantly hyperactivity impulsive, predominantly inattentive, and a combination of both.

Predominantly hyperactivity impulsive:

In this, a person shows hyperactive and impulsive behavior. It includes interrupting people while they are talking, fidgeting. The people can’t face inattention and are not able to focus on the task properly.

Predominantly inattentive:

As the name implies, in this ADHD, the person finds it difficult to focus on a single task, finishing them and following instructions.

According to the experts, that many children with this ADHD type don’t get a proper diagnosis as they don’t mean to disturb the classroom. This type is more common among girls.

Combined hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive type

This is the most common type. In this ADHD, the person tends to show both hyperactive and inattentive symptoms. The person is unable to pay attention, high level of impulsiveness, and highly energetic.

ADHD in Children:


ADHD symptoms are quite common in children. As per a study, 1 amongst 10 children of age 5-17 receives an ADHD diagnosis. Generally, ADHD is a problem linked to the school.

Generally, the boys are more likely to suffer from this disease in comparison to girls. As hyperactivity is more in boys than girls. The girls who suffer from ADHD have symptoms like:

  • Frequent daydreaming

  • Anxiety, depression

  • Hypertalkative instead of hyperactive

  • Overemotional

What causes ADHD?

According to the doctors, there is not a single defined cause of ADHD. The genetic factors and neurological origins are believed to some of the factors.

Dopamine level reduction is also amongst the important factors. It is a chemical in the brain responsible for the movement of signals from one nerve to another and plays an important role in triggering movements and emotional responses.

ADHD Tests and Diagnosis:

A single can’t determine whether you or your child is suffering from ADHD. To diagnose the ADHD, the doctors will assess any symptoms occur in you or your child in the past 6 months. To know this, the doctor will ask from your family members, teachers, and use any scaling method for reviewing. Physical exams can also be conducted to know any health issues.

ADHD Treatment:

The ADHD treatment includes medications, behavioral therapies or a combination of both.



Therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Behavioral therapy are very effective for ADHD treatment. In fact, a patient should adopt fewer medicines and more therapies for the treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

It is talk therapy, in which the psychologist will talk to you or your child to discuss how ADHD is affecting your life and how to manage it. The kids express their thoughts, feelings, and behavior to the counselor, and the counselor replaces the negative thoughts of the child with the positive ones.

Behavioral therapy:

In this therapy, the purpose is to change the negative thoughts of the child into positive ones. Generally, a reward system is used at home.


In the mental health care treatment, it is best to minimize the use of medicine in the treatment. The medication must be intake after proper consultation of the doctor.

How to look for the best ADHD Treatment?

To look for the ADHD treatment in your city, you can search the similar phase on the internet. For e.g. If you are looking for the ADHD treatment in Jaipur, then you can search the similar phrase i.e. “ADHD treatment in Jaipur” or any other city on the internet.

In Jaipur, at the Manomaya mental health care clinic, the treatment involves the minimum use of medicines. They have an expert team of certified team of counselors who provides the best therapies for ADHD treatment.

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