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In today’s world, the most common problem that affecting our physical, mental, social and spiritual well being is Stress or Anxiety. Commonest cause of stress is our way of response to any incident that happens. Our way of response depends on our psychosocial learning and development. So cause of stress lies in our learning , way of responding, ways of reacting , ways of thinking , choices of choosing the thoughts and taking action as per chosen thoughts. We have unlimited choices of thoughts in our mind to be acted upon but our learning, knowledge and past experiences plays a significant role in choosing them.

We are free to choose any thought at any point of time but every thought have its own consequences , sometimes we are aware about negative consequences of our choices but not able to choose healthy and empowering thoughts because of past learning knowledge and experiences. Because of that we suffers a lot. Many times knowingly or unknowingly we starts sinking in stressful conditions. We as a human being don't always have the power to change the situation but we can change the automatic thought patterns which have disempowering consequences. Negative thoughts causes negative feelings and negative emotions then negative emotions perpetuates negative feelings and negative thoughts, a vicious cycle starts operating. Theses negative thoughts feelings and emotions create continuous stress in body and mind.

As stress is root cause of most of the illnesses and problems of human beings. Stress creates imbalance in body mind and soul, damage each and every cells and organs of body. Every person have his /her own ways to deal with or fight with stress these may be healthy or unhealthy. Stress can cause diabetes , blood pressure, allergy , asthma, lowered immunity, cancer , heart attack, addiction , depression , anxiety, psychosis, phobias, accidents and many times suicide also.

We at manomaya make our clients getting aware about faulty and disempowering thought patterns, helping them either unlearning/ molding /transforming / keeping aside them with their own choice and training to choose positive & empowering thoughts with the help of scientifically proven techniques.

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