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At Manomaya, we offer wide range of services using various holistic approach. We have nationwide team of experienced Psychiatrists, Psychologists , Psychotherapists , Life coaches, Ayurveda, Reiki, Yoga & Meditation, diet and nutrition experts. We are working together on a single platform to make our nation healthy.


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Physical Health

Physical health is all about well being and proper functionality of the body and bodily organs. The health of each and every person's body organ is very important to keep the entire body well functioning and healthy.
Physical health depends on proper oxygenation, proper hydration, proper diet & nutrition, physical activity, proper rest, proper and restful sleep and adaptability for environment.
Manomaya ensures the best management plans to maintain perfect physical health by working on these aspects simultaneously.

Diet & Nutritional Management

You need tailor-made diet developed by the dietitian near me services that will enrich your body and mind. Everyone thinks that consuming food is to provide energy that will assist them


Naturopathy & Reiki

Manomaya is the best Naturopathy Treatment centre in Jaipur to promote the health & wellness using the various Naturopathy techniques. The naturopathy


Mental Health

Mental health is not merely being free from mental illnesses. It's a measure of a person's ability to think logically, using learning knowledge and past experiences for self and others well being, being able to maintain balance in emotionally disturbing situations.
For accomplishment, success, freedom, fulfilment, peace and harmony in life mental well-being is the basically required component.
Headache, stress, anxiety, depression and addiction are most common form of mental problems these days.
Most of the severe mental illnesses are product of inability of a person to manage them efficiently.
Currently these are biggest cause of suffering and premature deaths of human being and unfortunately widely and mostly neglected.
Manomaya is using time tested and cost effective treatment modalities, therapies to treat and manage these ailments from root level.
Manomaya is practicing and providing cost effective and evidence based skills to cope up with any kind of untoward situations.

Stress Management

An effective stress management is necessary for your day-to-day life. The world is highly demanding that makes life hectic. The stress can cause tension headaches that will give you discomfort. Hence the pain makes you miserable.



In today's world, the most common problem that affecting our Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual well being is Stress or Anxiety. Commonest cause of stress is our way of response to any incident that happens.


Social Health

Social health is ability of a person to develop social relationship and to adjust comfortably in various social situations. Social relationship, social environment and our view towards society and social norms plays a big role in our health, wellbeing,peace of mind and success.
Sometimes social/family/workplace environment is main cause of initiating and maintaining problems or illnesses.
By transforming social/family/workplace environment and sometimes transforming self according to society and environment many diseases can be managed easily and for long term. It is very important to be socially healthy to enjoy life and achieve complete health.
Manomaya is a perfect place to enhance your social skills, social being and making you able to transform yourself and the environment for achieving and maintaining complete health.

Lifestyle & Modification

You need a healthy lifestyle in this world which is highly competitive and throws challenges at each and every turn. A healthy body has a sharp mind that will catch up with the pace to get


Spiritual Health

Spirituality is completely different from any kind of religion or God. Spirituality is in existence before the birth of any religion, religious concept or currently being worshipped God. Spiritual power is present and leading life of each and every living beings from unicellular amoeba or multicellular whale.
Spiritual power can be considered as the ultimate power of the universe provided to us to live life and deal with life issues.
Being human and having highly evolved brain and intellect we have the ability to get aware and use spiritual powers for self and universe in empowering way.
Manomaya offers spiritual awareness skills along with technique of using spiritual power to deal with all kind of issues, problems or disease.

Yoga & meditation

Yoga Classes in Jaipur: Manomaya team started the Yoga & Meditation classes at the Holistic Health centre. This class will help in gaining the good mental


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