What Happens In Brain During Depression?

What Happens In Brain During Depression?

If you think you are a patient of Depressions or anxiety, then you should read this article. This article well will discuss what medical professionals, doctors, scientists, and Psychiatrist In Jaipur said about Depressions and its connection with your Brain.

It might take a few minutes only, and you can clear your doubts regarding what happens with your mind if you are under depressions. So give yourself a few minutes to read this article carefully and address your doubts about Depression and Brain. It can help better in Understanding yourself and your Brain

What Is The Exact Condition Of  Depression?

You might have some myths or wrongful thoughts about the Depressions. So, let’s make your mind clear about Depression by Understanding a few lines below.

  • First, you should know that Depressions is a mood disorder. Do not relate it with your minor setbacks and mood offs. It is because they are temporary.
  • Depression can last long from few days to few years by giving you a state of hopelessness.
  • Minor failures, setbacks, and mood offs that you feel in your day to day life is not the sign that you have depressions. Sometimes, people only have Depressions in their lives once or for little time.

What Are the Common Effects Of Depression?

We discussed that you can not say that it is depression if you have recently seen failures, mood offs, or setbacks. Therefore, you need to understand that following are common effects of depression.

  • Because of the depression, the way you behave, think, or feel the change. It can last for a few days to a few years.
  • Some people may feel sadness without any valid reasons. It can give you several episodes of depression for several years.
  • It disturbs your sleeping cycle, like sleeping too much or too little. People lose interest in doing things, and they don’t feel confident in decision making.
  • People cannot think properly, and cannot concentrate, and sometimes they have thoughts of suicide or death.

How Can Depressions Affect Your Brain?

After understanding that what exactly is depression and how it can affect in day-to-day life, let’s find out What Happens In Brain During The Depression to solve your queries.

  • There are three parts in the human brain, like the hippocampus, the amygdala, and the prefrontal part. The physical structure of the brain defines the location of the hippopotamus at the center of your brain.
  • It works as the producer of cortisol that is the hormone, and it is your storage device because it works for storing memories.
  • When a person is under stress or depression, his body releases this hormone, and a Psychiatrist In Jaipur and other Medical professionals say that when it produces this hormone in excessive amounts, the problem arises.
  • It is because the cortisol hormone reaches your Brain in an excessive amount at the time of physical stress or mental stress.
  • During your adulthood, the formation of brain neurons is at peak for keeping it Healthy. The hippocampus is the place where it produces these neurons.
  • But, too much amount of cortisol can moderate its production, and it decreases the production of new and healthy neurons. It causes the neurons to shrink. This stage is the beginning of memory problems.


In this article, we discussed what do medical professionals, scientists, doctors, and Psychiatrist In Jaipur say about Depression and Brain. This scientific explanation must be sufficient for you to understand what is the depression, what are the effects of the depression, and What Happens In the Brain During The Depression. Keep this information in your mind to avoid myths.

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