What does it mean to be clinically depressed?

What does it mean to be clinically depressed?

At times life can really be very difficult. There are events that occur which are indeed tragic and knock individuals down from the normal track. These events are normal and being sad or brooding is quite normal in such situations. However, when a person is clinically depressed the individual is just unable to get back to normal life and is stuck with the sad events of life and experiences the same amount of grief or sadness even after a considerable period of time has passed. On the other hand, a normal depression is when a person is sad but eventually can gather himself up and again lead to a normal life. Clinical depression also called as unipolar depression.

What is clinical depression?

According to the definition, Clinical depression is marked by extreme situations of melancholic breakdowns leading to introvert behavior an social and emotional distancing and heading to a gradual yet consistent state of isolation.

What does clinical depression feels like?

Depression is a difficult condition. It creates a perpetual sense of grief, emotions of separation, inadequacy, and lack of interest. People undergoing clinical depression suffer from anger, guilt, lack of confidence and all the negative feelings that, make the individual believe that he or she is not worthy of happiness or deserving of happiness and love. Eventually, all their activities get afflicted and from their finer cognitive skills to their decision making capability, everything takes a toll. They might even sense sever panic attacks as well.

Not plain sadness

Clinical depression is not only about being very sad. It’s something much more than it. It’s a state where the constant feeling of sadness can stay. It can be a persistent and a stubborn feeling, so much so that the individual can be engrossed in negativity completely. They gradually become closed down and suffer on their own. Clinical depression can be worst, they can become abusive in nature or even it can even drive individuals to commit suicide as well. As they emotionally close down completely they go into a self-isolation spree and distance them away from friends, family, and others.

A diverging graph-

In Clinical depression, an individual has a pessimist point of view of every possible thing. He will become a person who can find a thousand problem to every solution. General feelings of hate and disgust start to crop in. Social limitations start to crop in as well.

One alarming symptom of this trait

Individuals who have clinical depression has the tendency to doze off and have fatigue and lazy approach. They sleep a lot and do binge eating often. The sleeping sessions are more than 12 to 14 hours a day and they do not usually like it out of bed. As a result of the digestive functions also get hampered. There are often times when meals are skipped. This, in turn, harms the entire biological cycle of the system.

Thus clinical depression affects in a severe way!

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