Mental depression and coping during COVID 19

Mental depression and coping during COVID 19

Mental depression and coping during COVID 19

This COVID-19 situation comes up with a lot of problems. No one has imagined that they need to go through such a hilarious phase. Among all the problems, mental depression hits at the top.

Mental depression is being very common during the COVID-19 phase, and everyone needs to cope up with it. If they are not taking the measures through which they will be able to cope up with the situation, then it became quite difficult for them to bear it. Hence here we come up with all the measures which a person can adapt to get rid of easily. 

Measures to consider:-

  • Healthy lifestyle:

During the COVID-19 situation commerce schedule of everyone has got disturbed. Now the question arises on how you will be able to manage it. If you wish to get rid of mental depression, then adopt a Healthy lifestyle. Engage in exercise, meditation, and other activities, which will enlighten your mood. This will help you to get rid of mental depression and also enhance the quality of your life.

  • Take breaks:

These days, people are getting so much interested in Netflix, TV shows, movies, web series, and so on. But do not be an addict of it. Take breaks and involve in some other activities as well. If you are increasing your screen time day by day, then it will let you feel uncomfortable and will create a strain on your eyes as well. Also, it will let you put on weight, which is not healthy at all.

  • Try new things:

When you have sufficient time to spend with your family, why not try new things? If you are among those who love to try Adventures than your home is the best place to do so. You can try cooking, washing your home area, creating new stuff, art, and crafts. Moreover, for example, if you are a guitar player and don’t know how to play the guitar, you can also go to online classes. It will refresh your mood and let you feel happy as well.

  • Connect with friends and family:

Now during this COVID-19 situation, a person has sufficient time to connect with their family and friends. Call them gossip with them, know what they are upto, and let them know about your plans. Make some plans to meet each other so that you can easily cherish all the moments you guys have shared earlier. This conversation with your family and friends will enlighten your mood and let you come close to them.

  • Family time:

Apart from connecting with other members of the family, the members living with you in your own house also deserve your attention and care. Do not forget about it at all. Keep them at your priority and spend some time with them. They will let you pass through this situation easily without any trouble. Also, you will get the best results when you are spending time with family because they are known to be the energy boosters for everyone.

  • Work time:

If you are an office employee and you are working from home in this situation, then also you need to maintain the timings. If you are not maintaining the timing, you will end up with a mess in your life. Hence you need to understand that you are not compromising with your personal and professional life at all. Create a balance and make things work in your favor easily.

These are the basic measures that you can adapt to cope up with mental depression in this COVID-19 situation. Do not try to engage in activities that make you feel depressed. Be positive, stay positive, stay home, and stay safe as well.

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