How do you deal with homesickness?

Deal with homesickness

Whether you are shifted to a new place, city or abroad, you are on a trip or you are away at college/office/school, you may experience homesickness. Well, experiencing such a situation once in a while is okay, but sometimes it may become your weakness. If you want to overcome it, then here are some tips. Check them out below:

Avoid spending too much time in your room:

Some people treat their home or room as a little heaven and spend lots of time in it. Isolating yourself from others is not a good idea and you may spend lots of your time thinking. You can organize day trips, get a part-time job, study at the library, try some activities, join gyms or many other things rather than spending time in your home.

Stay positive:

It requires concrete efforts for carrying out a positive attitude.  You should plan your day and do the things that make you happy. A nice hot bath, making new friends, and surrounding with positive people will prove helpful.

Explore your surroundings:

Those who are unfamiliar with their surroundings, they may feel homesickness. You should take some time out of your day to explore your city or town.

Stay healthy:

You can feel more positive about yourself if you are healthy.  You should not spend your time just like sitting on the sofa, eating junk and watching movies the whole day. It may make you feel worse.

Stay in touch with family and friends:

You should keep in touch with your loved ones in order to feel more involved. You can call them or be part of any WhatsApp group chat.

Try to develop some coping strategies:

Human’s need for security, love, and connection may cause homesickness.  This is common in young people. You should try finding out the symptoms (anxiety, depression, obesity, and abnormal behavior) and try to work on them. You should learn how to deal with it.

  • You should try making and eating your favorite food
  • You should include exercise in your daily routine
  • You should practice yoga and meditation daily
  • Try to find out something familiar in a new environment
  • Participate in social events and religious traditions

Talk about your feelings:

You should talk about your feeling with someone like a trusted person in your office or college. You can also seek advice from a mental health professional.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone:

You need to grow and change. It requires coping up with the changed situations and locations. You should learn new skills in order to improve your performance. You should learn how to face your biggest fears, so challenge yourself every day a little bit. You should try new places or restaurants in a new city or location. If possible, then sit with a stranger in a café and get to know him or her. If you are in college, then ask someone to start a study group. If you are working, then invite your co-workers over dinner or coffee after work.

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