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Who we are

Manomaya is one of the best health care centre, where various holistic approach are intensively used to manage various mild or serious health issues. Holistic approach such as Psychological counselling/psychotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Reiki etc. are very effective in maintaining one's Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual well being.

About us

Manomaya was established in 2017 with the aim of providing treatment using holistic approach at affordable price. We use wide range of holistic approach for stress management, depression treatment or anxiety treatment. We are using ancient knowledge with the modern medical technology to design a highly effective Holistic health program for people. Our specially designed health programs will really help you in modifying your lifestyle in a very positive way.


Life Coach

Instead of seeking help in many places, get in touch with a single source that can assist in eliminating all types of health issues you are dealing with. That single source is Manomaya Holistic Mental Health Centre, where people can find solution to all their issues and live a healthy and comfortable life.


Balanced Body & Mind

To be healthy in a real sense, one needs to work on his body, mind and soul. There is an ancient saying as "A sound mind resides in a healthy body". Mind has power to heal or transform the body and hence it becomes important that we take of our mind's health as well. A good spiritual knowledge and meditation helps in keeping the mind and soul healthy.


Individual Support

At Manomaya, you can get the facility of individual counseling sessions. Our expert and professional counselors will definitely help you to attain Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual well being.


People & Relationship

At Manomaya, the team of professional counselors help people to improve the quality of their social life. Our counselors/ life coaches guide people about how to overcome various problems related relationships. They explain and make you practice the communication in building up a better social life.

Our Vision

    Our vision is to make the society happy, healthy and peaceful so People can:
  • Start living life with ease comfort freedom and peace of mind in any situation.
  • Start learning to make body, mind soul and environment aligned for own and others betterment.
  • Start having access to live the life free from all kind of disease.

Our Mission

  • Team MANOMAYA is committed towards health peace and happiness in life.

  • Team MANOMAYA is working together to make a person able to deal with all kind of physical mental social spiritual financial or day to day or long-term issues which are important for life.

  • Team MANOMAYA is deeply aware about emerging and life-threatening conditions and their preventive measures or management.

  • Team MANOMAYA is deeply concerned to deal with sadness, hopelessness, active or passive suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

  • Team MANOMAYA is deeply concerned about next generations, their survival and meaning of success issues and to develop skills to deal with them.

  • Team MANOMAYA is committed to saving life from the emerging biggest killers of mankind with the help of self-innate powers of either body mind or soul or combined.

  • We have mission to improve the happiness index of India.

  • We have a mission to improve our ranking on depression anxiety and suicide scale worldwide.

  • We have a mission to make people healthier happier and peaceful with power freedom and ease.

Dr. Pradeep Singh Dagur



Social Appearance

During my MBBS at SMS MEDICAL COLLEGE JAIPUR my blood pressure raised upto 180/106(very high)and my weight was 80 kg.
It was diagnosed as RENAL HYPERTENSION at the age of 24. I was depressed. I was started on 2 types of antihypertensives, still my Blood Pressure was not well maintained.
I always had a gut feeling that one day i will manage by it my mind power. To study and know about mind and body I studied psychiatry from KEM HOSPITAL MUMBAI.
There during my PG 3rd antihypertensive added to manage my blood pressure. Blood pressure was maintained at 110/70 most of the time by 3 types antihypertensives. I was advised to continue antihypertensive for life long with regular monitoring by all the experts of Cardiology and Nephrology.
I was working and living with medicines.
Till November of 2015 I was irregularly working on my health and well being sometime medically sometime yoga or aasan or pranayam sometime dieting still all was vein. Gradually my weight upto 112 kg.
In December 2015 I decided to work on my own health holistically (physical, mental,social and spiritual dimensions) by all available means with opinion of experts.
Within 6 months I stopped 1 antihypertensive with due advice of cardiologist and nephrologist. After next 6 months I stopped my all antihypertensive medicines with due advice of cardiologist and nephrologist.
Presently I am off medicines. My blood pressure remains systolic 110 to 130 and diastolic 70 to 88(with normal limits) my weight is 92 kg.
This all I achieved by BEING AWARE & RESTRUCTURING my physical activity, diet and nutrition, psychological issues, psychos issues, emotional quotient nad spiritual being.

I personally believe that most of our lifestyle diseases can be managed by restructuring our physical, psychological, psychosexual, emotional and spiritual being.

My Intention is to provide these management skills for all lifestyle diseases and preventing human being from these biggest killers of present world.

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