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Manomaya is one of the unique centres for the management of all kind of illnesses by holistic approach such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Reiki, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Diet/Nutrition and Allopathy. Holistic approach is very effective and do not have any major side effects as compared to any single treatment modality. But still very few people go for it as these are time-consuming and a bit expensive but in long course, these are much more cost-effective.

A very old and famous saying "YOUR MIND IS THE MOST POWERFUL MEDICINE" is deeply accepted and followed at MANOMAYA HOLISTIC HEALTH CENTRE.

Manomaya was established in 2017 with the aim of offering holistic treatment approach at a very affordable price with the intention of healthy happy and peaceful planet. Manomaya is an advanced and high-tech health care centre where you can experience a wonderful amalgamation of all kind of modern treatment modalities, ancient knowledge with latest medical technology.

We have a team of highly experienced doctors and specialists who are experts in the respective field. We use latest knowledge and technology for complete and better diagnosis up to root level by expert and diagnostic tools.

Many ancient and modern studies suggest that mind is a root of all kind of diseases and by identifying and transforming the mental patterns we can manage all kind of diseases including most lethal diseases even cancer.

Due to our consistent efforts and effective treatment approach, today Manomaya is the strong and proud family of over 100 members, with thousands of supporters.

By these approach, the patients which are suffering from chronic diseases for a very long time can start living life happily without taking medicines.

MANOMAYA works not only on patients but on a healthy person to stay well and enjoy healthy life forever. Read More


Physical Health

Physical health is all about well being and proper functionality of the body and bodily organs. The health of each and every person's body organ is very important to keep the entire body well functioning and healthy.


Mental Health

Mental health is not merely being free from mental illnesses. It's a measure of a person's ability to think logically, using learning knowledge and past experiences for self and others well being, being able to maintain balance in emotionally disturbing situations.


Social Health

Social health is an ability of a person to develop social relations and to adjust comfortably in various social situations. A social relationship, social environment and our view towards society and social norms play a big role in our health, well-being, peace of mind and success.


Spiritual Health

Spirituality is completely different from any kind of religion or God. Spirituality is in existence before the birth of any religion, religious concept or currently being worshipped, God. Spiritual power is present and leading the life of each and every living being from unicellular amoeba to multicellular whales.


Why it is important for you


"A bodily health follows healthy mind." Vice versa "A healthy mind lies in healthy body."
"Soul can heal body and mind."
Vice versa "Soul suffers in unhealthy body and mind."

Our body mind and soul are deeply interconnected. By malfunctioning or non functioning of just a single component healthy life can't be assumed. Being completely healthy is important to carry out all action needed to fulfil our biological, mental, social, environmental, spiritual and financial needs. Without a healthy and properly functioning body mind and soul we are not able to act inside or outside in environment. Survival is unimaginable without aligned body, mind and soul.

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Physical Illness


Caused by Stress
Indian Doctors


Working Under Stress
Indian Females


Living Under Stress


Are Preventable

All Problems Have
One Solution

Here manomaya work on root cause of disease by improving the lifestyle.

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Mr. Vivek Tiwari


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Dr. Pradeep Singh Dagur


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Mrs. Akanksha Sharma

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